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Alex Architextures 

Our mission at Alex Architextures is to promote creativity and self-expression through home decor. Our decor uses vibrant patterns and groovy textures to ensure that you create an environment full of personality, style, and comfort. 


Our multifaceted decor is made to accommodate all design styles. From farmhouse to eclectic, Alex Architextures ensures that there will always be something perfect for your space. If not, we’ll make it for you!! 

Light and Shadow

Need the right skills to take your area to the next level? Have a vision for an item you can't quite find at your local decor store? I'm here to help!

Whether it’s your bedroom, living area, or workspace - It is my job to get to know your goals and find the perfect solution for you. Let’s connect!


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Wooden Book Stand 
White Oak, African Mahogany 

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